November 12, 2015


Could you please come back to me
If only as a ghost
I might not be alone in grief,
But I need you most
You're not just my older brother
You're my best friend
I never got to tell you that
So please come back again

My sweet wife is sleeping now
And so is my new-born son
I wish you could be with me
As my life just begun
You should see him lying there
He looks just like me
But I sure hope that it is you
That he grows up to be

The day you died
I thought that I was gonna die as well
Everything was shaking
And my life turned to hell
I'm telling you I'm happy that a son was born to me
'Cause sometimes I can't bear the thought
That you're not here to see

Momma, pops, the rest of the bunch
And all our good friends too
We're riding on a swimming horse
And we still talk of you
But in the nights when I'm alone
I think about before
When I was throwing magazines
At you – because you snored

I dream about our arguments
I dream about our love
I can't stand people telling me
You're watching from above
It's given me no comfort thinking
God is now your host
Cause I'm the one who needs you here
If only as a ghost

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