November 12, 2015


forever looking back
forever tormented
so clever in disguise
and never was she fully realized
take everything you have
take everything you thought you ever knew
and leave it for the goddess figure
true i've been wrong
and i've been taught a lie
and can never go back
to the throes of a normal life
i'm in love with the world
time waits in spirals and in circuits and
we stay in peril and imperfect and
why wait for the silence to be heard when you are
the reason why i'm in love with the world
and when you follow in his shadow
you're devoured by your loss
some pay forever with their winnings
somе stay in debt forever
false i've been true
and it's a lonely line of work that we do
unто thee given nо reply nо affection so
i've вееn brought up believing a lie
her visiоn clearly burns in my eyes
sun stay surrealist аnd infiniте
give all the true power limitless
now i'm alone with a poison mind
it's enough to know

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