- God I Found Hell

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November 12, 2015


God! I found hell in a college town;
At least it felt like hell to me
So when I die at least I know I'll be
Somewhere sleepless in the university
"Sleepless in Cincinnati"
Is what they'd call me
But no one's calling to bail me out
It's clear that you don't want me around
But at least I'll know that I won't be alone
Yeah, at last I'll know I've finally found
A home and a place to be
So I'll walk straight, keep my head up
Fake a smile, talk to myself
And never wake up from this nightmare
That most would call a dream
I'll do my time, what's expected
And make sure I'm not a disappointment
I'll play into this scheme
If it makes you happy
But you'd collapse if you knew
What I'm doing and where I've been
In the kingdom of all man's "sin."
Hell, I found "god" fleeing the scene
I think he doesn't want to be
The one to bear the bad news to me
So I'll just resume my daily routine
Yeah, that's what I'll do
Yeah, that's where I'll be

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