- Michelle

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November 12, 2015


oh Michelle, I'm coming down to see you
tonight is bruise-black swelling golden green
I was in bed but I had the dream again
where I drive us off the cliff to the ravine
and the car was Shelby blue
blue like the one in the photo of your father and you
blue like the label on the beer you always choose
blue like you and me Michelle

oh Michelle, I went looking for the river
but I only made it to the railroad bed
there were candles there and some days-ago cut flowers
for the guy who had been knifed there by his friend
and my eyes could not adjust to the flames against the leaves
someone was watching from nearby
I heard a phone chime from shallow in the trees
I had to come see you Michelle

oh Michelle, we are trafficking in wonder,
worshiping the wounds upon your cheek
kiss me shy and I will love you like a lamprey
in the cool cool water in the creek
tornadoes transform and leave us changed
and everyone we know will break on us like waves
take your hands and cover up your eyes and your face
tell me what you see now Michelle

oh Michelle, first light might come too late
let's outdrive the headlights and the stars
and the roof held, but only til the rain fell;
now it's leaking love inside my captain's car
I tossed my chevrons out the window on the way over here
Uncle Sam can meet me by the treeline
he and I and your husband we can work it out like men
but we won't end up eye to eye

oh Michelle, I can't say the things that I've seen
from the time that I was gone and then returned
but I got five thousand bucks, a full tank of gas,
and a stars and stripes beach towel with a cigarette burn
If we leave right now we'll be there by morning
there being anywhere but here
we can make a new start; we can make up new names
I've already picked yours, Michelle.

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