- Orgasm = Love

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November 12, 2015


I can feel you in my heart
even though we drift apart
with those words you spoke to me
though I always disagree

And I listen
to the sound of
your sweet voice cause you won't shut up.

Now I'm finished
let me call you
a taxi.

(woah o yeah, woah oh)

I don't feel
that I'm feeling
your feelings,

about these feelings that you feel
(woah romance)

And you know that I love you
when were FUCKIN'
Cause orgasm equals love.

All my friends smile and they chuckle
at pictures of your bear moose knuckle.
Please don't feel like you're a slut
when I'm peeing in your butt.

And I love to donkey punch you
after I poop on your sheets.
And I do it cause you love me,
and I love you (awwww)

(woah oh yeah, woah some more)

I don't feel
that I'm feeling
your feelings,

about these feelings that you feel
(woa hack wheeze)

And I love you
when you show me
your sweet boobies
Cause orgasm equals love.

(Take it Joshy:)
woah oh oh oh oh oh oh

(That was terrible...)

I don't feel
that I'm feeling
your feelings,

About these feelings that you feel
(you know what. fuck this! I'm out of here!)
lets get married
and have babies
just kidding

'Cause orgasm equals love,
'Cause erections equals love,
'Cause ejaculation equals love,
'Cause deep throating blowjobs equal love,
'Cause salad tossing equals love,
Double penetration equals love,
Anal kidney punching equals love,
'Cause dirty sanchez's equal love,
'Cause Cleveland steamers equal love,
'Cause tying you up to my bed
and gagging you with your own panties
and sticking my wiener inbetween your boobies
and cumming all over your chin equals love.

this song ain't gettin' on the radio any time soon


Good Job... Looks like we finally put the boy to sleep with our slow songs. Somebody wake him up will you.


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