November 12, 2015


It takes a certain kind of man,
It takes a troubled disposition to forget where everything began.

While I make amends and get real honest,
You make it up and fake it on us with an attitude in hand
You weren’t so shallow then,
But again I can recall
Your straight and narrow stepping stones
Your excuse to piss and moan
Left no cause for alarm
No one twisting your arm
Lying like a politician
You’re personifying something
Just a figure in your mind
An imposter
An obvious disaster left behind
Well I’ve got some good suggestions
For your newfound self-obsession
It comes with good instructions
With successful self destruction

It takes a certain kind of man
It takes a sour disposition to regret where everything began
I made amends and got real honest,
While you made it up and faked it on us
With some apathy in hand
You were so able from what I could recall
But I guess you said it all:
You were never really good at much
You were never really much good at all

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