July 16, 2016


Sometimes I go to work I just don't feel right.
Sometimes I wake up and it all feels wrong.
So when I come down from the heights of anxiety
Meet me at the airport with your blue dress on.
Sometimes I spend my nights tossing and turning
Thinking about my wasted days and wishing I'd done more.
So pretend that we're not people with problems,
plowin' through the evening like tomorrow won't come.
'Cause I would rather wake up hungover
Than go to bed regretting this night's over
I can live on three hours sleep
I can make mistakes I'll repeat
You and I skulling mojitos
On the eastern coast of a pretty place
And a stranger from California
With a friendly smile and a sunburnt face,
Reminiscing about October
When the superstorm took our shores away
And if I see you in New York City
I'll buy you a beer if you don't forget my name.
Sometimes I wake up and I just don't feel right
Sometimes I go to work and it all feels wrong
Sometimes I know I'm not myself when I'm hanging out
Staring out the window like there's something going on
Sometimes I get distracted by the nagging fear that
The future that I'm building ain't the future that I want
So when I come up from the depths of anxiety
Meet me at the ocean with your swim trunks on.

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