- Faneto

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November 12, 2015


Gang in this bitch

I'm a gorilla in a fuckin' coupe, finna pull up to the zoo, nigga
Told you, nigga, who the fuck is you? I don't know, nigga
No, nigga, pull up on your block, we gon' blow, nigga
Go, nigga, run, nigga, run from the po', nigga (police nigga)
Gas what I smoke, nigga
Feds at my door, jump out the window, nigga

Know you can't get no money silly ho

I just hit a stain, faneto, faneto

Young Bibby, I be thumbin' through that check, bitch
Young Bibby, I be thumbin' through that check, bitch
Young Bibby, I be thumbin' through that check, bitch
Thumbin' through that check
Thumbin'-thumbin' through that check, bitch
30 thou' on my neck, bitch
Straight gas, no stress, bitch
Whack a nigga, scratch his ass off the checklist
Aye, and I'm straight from the go
Take a nigga out his clothes
We don't trick, aw bitch, is you slow?
Do me a favor, grab your shoes, close that door
Aye, cash what I blow
Cali' plug got that gas for the low
Your boyfriend smell like ass and he broke

Bufford needa' stand his ass by the sto'

Aye, sell some weed, sell some coke
Them No Limits come through, get low

Aye, you better run, Forest go
Aye, got that 50 shot, drug get you slow

I bet I look like a stain, faneto
Bitch, I got 30 in my thang, plus 3 more
Walk up on me strange, watch me blow
This cash like heroin in my veins, I need mo'
I'm still a Heron, fuck the lake and fuck the fo'
And if you ain't no day one gang then you don't know
Jumpout Gang and Cuckoo gang go boom, boom, boom
Pull up, skurtt, everybody on the floor
Bitches call me G Herbo or Herbo baby

My whole city know that I go crazy
And No Limits strapped up like the Navy

Run up on a nigga and play crazy
90's baby but I got crack like the 80's
Thumb through them racks last summer, bitch, I blew like 80

I won't tell you no lie, on the lady that made me
So watch just watch how I do them this summer
Pull up on them corners like, bang, bang, bang

Gang in this bitch, gang in this bitch
Gang in this bitch, gang in this bitch
Gang in this bitch, gang in this bitch
Turn up, I just hit a stain, finna' go
30's and them thangs when we roll
We don't save these hoes, no hero
Send him to the E-, ah nosy ho
Bitch you know who King OVO
No Limit with the mover, Rollie Glo
My name is Louie, but they call me Tony
We met last night she sucked me to the morning
I love that Ralph, I smoke it by the Lauren
My smile Benz, I be talkin' foreign
I be dumping Ps when I'm not recordin'
If a bitch don't like bitches then she borin'
Your bitch on my dick, I will be scorin'
Numbers on the boards, boy I pull up scorin'
Days and the days when we warin'
Back-to-back hits on the foreign
Your bitch need to fix my dickasorem
These niggas talkin' shit until you hurt 'em
My girl shoot shit up, she a squirter
Beat the pussy up, she love it when I hurt her
When I'm done, I'mma need a lawyer
Don't got change for nothing, all I got is C-Notes
Catch a opper lackin', bingo
Extended mag, might not have to reload
If we miss we spin back round and re-blow
Catch him in the club, K.O
They likin' bricks, knockin' niggas out, Deebo
All this damn money, [?]
Bitch I know you see me, vevo
Smoking opps, pack is shit, is lethal
You'll get shot at when we see you
All bag leave you see thru
I'm off a flat, rockin' like a beatle
I get dirty money like it ain't illegal
They kill in Chiraq like it's legal
Pop out shoot shit up like a needle
Try to take my chain, I ain't going
Shoot him in his brain, I ain't know it
Take a nigga chain then wear it
Pass it to the gang now we sharing
Turn a goofball to a spirit
Bullet turn a nigga to a bitch
Hit, screaming like a bitch
You a goofy got hit on the hip
I'm thumbing through a check, running up a bag
Since you can't get no money get a?
You can't get no ride bitch call a cab
I be mixing drugs like a lab

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