- Jukebox Babe

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January 2, 2016


Ah! when my jukebox baby takes the floor
'round the old jukebox in the candy store
the joint starts jumpin' till the roof comes tumblin' down!

(Choo-choo-wah, choo-choo-wah,

Jukebox baby,
you're the swingin'est doll in town!

(Jukebox baby!) Put a nickel in for Maybelline
(Jukebox baby!) drop another one for seventeen
(Jukebox baby!) whisper to your daddy-o
three little love words (Ko-ko-mo!)

How ya gonna get your homework done
when you keep that jukebox on the run?
You don't dig Latin like ya dig that crazy sound

(Choo-choo-wah, choo-choo-wah,

Hmmm . . .
Jukebox baby . . .
you're the swingin'est doll in town!

(Jukebox baby!) I hear you knockin'
(Jukebox baby!) Keep the coin box hoppin'
(Jukebox baby!) Tell me sincerely
That you ain't forgettin' no " Tina Marie"

(Hip-hip, hop-hop, ho-ho, hah hah!)

Oh! jukebox baby . . .
my jukebox baby . . .
jukebox baby!

(Ju-jukebox baby . . . jukebox baby . . .
jukebox baby!)

All your lunch time money goes down the slot
You could live on air if the music's hot
You just ain't quittin' till ya rock that clock around!

(Choo-choo-wah, choo-choo-wah,

Da de dah de dah! . . .
Jukebox baby . . .
you're the swingin'est doll in town!

Hah!! . . . [ (Jukebox baby!)
You're a "chick" and there's a cutie . . .
always singin' "Tutti-Frutti" . . . ]

(See ya later! . . . Alligator!)

Oh! hey, wing-a-dinga
what a dungaree doll I've found!

Well then there now . . .
Jukebox baby . . . jukebox baby!

You're the wingin'est, dingin'est,
swingin'est "doll" in town!

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