November 12, 2015Fixed by Mar Yano 


Wake up

Take charge and throw it all off
The spirit of apathy is taking hold of you, and I won't sit back and watch it devour you

You have embraced indifference - withdrawn a burning passion
Muster up some strength and crawl out

Well, I guess this is it
Here we are again, and I know this time you'll be content lying through your teeth again

You're becoming lazy
You've made a habit of underestimating

As for me, I'll lay things out plain
This has wrecked me inside
You were a brother to me, but now that part of you - it seems to have died
I just pray you're still alive
I pray you're still alive

Now the ways of your past have been disclosed, and we're still here

So invest in something worth dying for while you're still here

Your curse looms
It begins to devour you
Rose-colored glasses
Shrouded now, your sight deceives you
It's deceiving you

It has deceived you
Such is the curse of complacency

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