- Once in a Great While

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June 2, 2016Fixed by sivan 


We could bail out either side, or take a rest
Find me in the corner with your nervous laugh
In my hesitation don't you pass
I might be the only fool who cares
But don't you feel like you're under this wave (of staggering charm?)
One was set to carry you, and never came
I was laying hungry but surprised to be
But I sure love the way that you lingered here (/linger dear?)
Once in a great while I could be (so bright? /right)
And more than I can say it just feels awfully right
(And borrowing every angle 'till it's centered in 'I'?)
Don't be so bashful
It's me in the shadows
And I'm laying, groaning
Until you find a way back to me
Until you find a way to soothe me
Well tell me, it's starlight
It's stars in your eyes

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