- Go Away

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November 12, 2015


I must admit I wonder
When she brought up all of those things on her mind.
I couldn't do much better
When I told her everything was fine.

I had to go away.
I had to go away.

I might have waited longer
Seemed like forty days and eighty nights,
But Then I saw my angel.
It seemed like everything would turn out right.

Set my heart aflame.
She became my everything.
See the joy she brings.

If we can get through this
You know we got our wish.
We took it to the level,
And we held out for more.

And isn't it a trist,
The things we might have missed;
Of stickin' with the wrong too long to know what right was.

And isn't it a shame?
We have only ourselves to blame.
At least thats what they tell you when you take the back door.

But it just never fit;
The thought of makin' it end.
Lets leave it to the pretty boys and girls in the show.

Why do we go away?
Why do we go away?
Why do we go away?

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