- More Than Friends

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November 12, 2015Fixed by Alyx Beauchamp 


You've been awake for hours
I've been awake for days.
I used to feel like I'm asleep
stuck inside an empty dream.
Question if this is even real
a cliché way for me to feel.
Unfinished messages to send
I told you I never want to end.

I've watched you break yourself in two
and try to give me half.
And I seem to wonder what it takes to work
to make this last.

Only two more days
to kill the mess we've made.
And give the lions something to hunt for.
Cause now the ace is played
the jester and the queen of spades.
There's nothing left for us to hope for.

And I'd run to the furthest place I need to
just to hear you laugh.
Cause I need to find out
how it feels to be broken in two halves.

And do you think that I've run out on you now?
Cause I'll still yearn, if we pretend.
Can we go back to where broken things only needed plasters to mend.

Let's stay awake for hours
just like we did back then.
When you draw pictures on my hand
in permanent marker pen.
We watch the sun go down
but never feel the end.
Cause I know that sun and darkness are more than friends.

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