- You're No One 'Til Someone Lets You Down

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November 12, 2015


No, I've not seen you this way before
Standin' a mess at my door
Well, it took you so long
But you finally found

You believed that all people are kind
And that you'd never mess with your mind
You gave her your trust
And she busted your crown

Yes, I've been told
That some people grow old
Without losing a part of their soul
But if that is true
I don't wish it on you
There's so much to adore in a heart that is blue

There's a light in your eyes that is pure
That you won't give away anymore
But just think of the things
We can talk about now

Yes, I have heard
There are some that avoid
All the pain that will come the fall
But if that's the case
It would surely erase
All the joy that you feel
When the hurt fades away

There's a heart ticket train on the way
Waitin' to take you away
Will you please keep in mind
When it pulls into town

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