- Everybody Knows Amy

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November 12, 2015


I'd be in a bar in Brisbane, and some guy walks up to me and says, "yeah, I know you through Amy"
Or even at my best friend's wedding, this chick'll be all like "Hi! I went to school with Amy"
Seems like every time I turn around I meet one of her friends.
Everybody knows Amy.
This one time a guy named Ash bailed me up and said "are you in a band with Amy?
and I was like "yeah" and he said "I taught her at Box Hill! Can you say ‘hi' from me?"
So, before I forget… if you're listening to this Amy, Ash says hi.
You know, it ain't no big deal if your part of Amy's crew.
Because guess what? I know Amy too.
I bet YOU know Amy.
I bet you worked with her or something, or maybe you're on the same netball team as Amy.
Or you could be anyone, ever, and you'd have met her, well that's my theory
Seems like every time I turn around I meet someone she knows
You know, it's not impressive if you're someone Amy knew.
Because GUESS WHAT?!?

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