- Emo Songs

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November 12, 2015


we're strangers!
we're playing twenty questions, we're fucking, falling in love, we're fucking falling apart.
soon we're just strangers with history.
i keep looking at the life around me, it's so full of you and it won't seem to leave me alone.
i tried to run away, but you beat me to it.
I can't keep pretending that you're still the same, i'm too anxious to exist but i must say, thanks for the last two years, I couldn't of asked for a better time.
my only regret is that has to end, tears in my eyes, tears in my mouth.
I've cried more than a man should, but i think that it's okay, forever's not something that we will ever have.
"suck it up baby boy"

no, i know, i'll be OK, give me a few months to forget your name.
I never asked you to leave, but I've got my best friends and they're all i need.

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