March 14, 2016Fixed by omrigolian 


Why are you leaving and where will you go?
If you take the train back home…
Stuck in the winter and drowned in the snow,
it's where I will make my home.

I was in every single picture you never hung on your wall.
You put me on the back burner.
I will be there 'til you need me in your life
like plastic covered furniture.
It may be how I made you feel; it isn't what I deserve.

I heard you grew up but I'd have to see so I can believe.
I remember the last thing you said to me,
"You're going nowhere in life and it may hurt but
this is how its got to be…"
You felt that way all along?
I'm here to prove you wrong.

What a way to push away the man you said you'd never hate.
But were you in a conscious state?

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