November 12, 2015


I don't want to hold my breath as long as you can
I don't want to starve to death just 'cause you can
What happens to the mountains we were gonna climb
What happens to the house we promised both in time
Why can't I hate you or get it off my mind
Why can't I just relax and leave the past behind

I don't want to have sex anymore just because I can
With anyone that doesn't trust me stabs demands
What happens to the trains that we were gonna jump
What happens to our plans to make our lives erupt
Why do we fabricate so many folded truths
I can't get past myself
I'm falling over you

So now I'm rolling up my sleeves
I'm just a worker bee
Hey Mom, look at me, I'm thinning

Anger, guilt, rejection, pride got caught whistling, walk the line
Always knew you'd find a reason
Always knew you'd find a reason some way

Did you know it'd break your heart
That you would leave it from the start
Honestly that's just to hard to work with

Why are you surprised
That I miss it, that I try
That I sing myself raw
Every night

Leave the keys, leave the keys
Pick up the boxes with your knees
And break a sweat with me one last time

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