November 12, 2015Fixed by Rony B 


You were the one who'd never give in,
Now torn apart by the ones who betrayed you,
Twisted inside your mind,
Hiding away from the world,
In darkness you hide,
Away from the light that illuminates everything,

It tears me apart from the inside out,
and when the dust settles down,
Your world wont sleep tonight,

Now show me your reason,
Show me your reason for this,
You have me mistaken for someone i,
I was never meant to be, (repeats)

Remember you came into this world with nothing,
And that is what you will leave with,
So make the most of your days of earth,
Cause they will pass before you realise,

And if yours hearts not in then how can you expect to win!

We live in a dead world so lets resuscitate,

Do you know the difference,
Do you know whats wrong from right?
Your only kidding yourself,
either that or your just blind,

Tonight lets make history!

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