- Yung Khaleesi

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November 12, 2015


Young Diplodocus
Opposite of focused
Wake up load the bowl and hope that I compose an Opus
Smoking loco doses Same color as Hulk and locusts
Sulkin' low esteem
So dopamine is needed Overdosage
So precocious know this
That my flows is so ferocious
Oh shit here's a toast to folks who said I was a joke and hopeless
Y'all got inflated numbers
Bunch of Sammy Sosa's
A few of you in every city like some Ponderosas
I know I'm supposed to blow the roller coaster gettin' closer
Won't blow up in St. Louis 'till I move out to Hermosa
So let me Pose a
Question cuz I'm SingSong
I'm Kim Jong to Ding Dongs who think Hip Hop has been gone
Y'all is asinine go masturbate your flaccid minds
Its fappin' time been flagellated with saturated crappy rhymes
That's why I'm here
When you graduate from cashing dimes
And gravitate to real
I'll tell you get your fucking ass in line
I'm ready for my time to shine
You get on because your city
Ill get on in spite of mine
Bottom line I'm all about the "I" like Iodine
I'm dyin inside I'm high I'm flying
My own worst enemy I am mine
I simply tend to be sedentary like I'm a Centipede
But i vehemently defend my tendencies
Will ya remember me like I'm a Kennedy
Obscenities cover the inner me
I'm condescending and befriend to better me
Somebody tell me that we were not meant to be simply entities for the infinity

I know its coming
Yeah I know its coming
Ooh I know its coming to me
Every day I feel I'm running
Sacrifice like bunting
But I'm moving nowhere it seems
I know its coming
Yeah I know its coming
Ooh I know its coming to me
Now I don't have nothing
But fire in my stomach
Something like a Yung Khaleesi

Ay yo you always been an awkward dude
How could you pursue it?
Aren't you Jewish? Shouldn't you be on the other side of music?
Im like "Stop it dude, Your talking to a Goone without a lot to lose"
In my noggin got a lot of screws inside thats slidin' loose
And Hip Hop is not defined there's not a box of rules
But I'm trying to bend them anyway
Young Hemingway trying to sing it many ways
Any day, I know that Ill blow but 'till then I'll wait
The opposite of confident
And I'm convinced that I'm completely incompetent in matters of the common
The problem is that now I'm in Hip Hop I'm seeking compliments
My confidence is tied into my rhyming
Never was popular I come across as cocky overcompensating
Not about to let you see me doubt it
I gotta be more calculated countin' down to compensation
Conversations now about my wallet
Like "how do you stay on your feet workin' one day out the week?"
Explain to momma the amount of pot that Ima slang a week
I'm aiming for the peak
I can't decide if I'm climbing not to see the world
But so they see me
ACT a 31 yet you refer to me as dumb
F-A-C-T by 31 I'll basically be flirting with retirement
Another thing to master and grow tired with
There I go again dabbling with fire but

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