November 12, 2015


Hey you, lucky kid,
The others have come down with it,
In the early stages, baby,
So that means you'll have to watch them carefully
So keep them from running near the corner,
When you are playing,
Play nice and mind the nice lady three-times daily,
She'll give them something to make it,
To make it go away
And you complain,
You complain,
You complain

Oh deary,
Your mother's got a fever
And clearly your dad is gonna leave her,
That leaves you with your little sisters
And you know they didn't mean to cut you,
They just had to see if your blood was sick too
And it's clear of all the critters weakening your sisters,
And your system's running quick
You're not as sickly as you think

And you will live long,
You will bury them all in the ground,
And your body will grow,
You will bury them all

It hurts to be the healthy one

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