- Bitter Raps

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November 12, 2015


Yo it's a thin line between opinions and bitterness my nigga
Choose wisely, ayo this thirsty shit could be a real deadly thing bruh
Don't be the next victim of thirst 48
Unless it's too late, I think it is

Man I'm a witness
I hate when niggas get to flexing just to show off for some bitches
But still ain't got none, you smoke 'em out just for the kisses
Always asking for a shotgun, you need to kill that
I know I always say I'm numb so you should know that we don't feel that
No we don't feel that but we ain't on the same thing
No we ain't on the same thing, so what you saying?
I hate when niggas get grown up and outta nowehere get to bangin'
Like where you hanging?
I wonder if them niggas know you at the place that you be claiming (prolly not)
Or you just acting
And most of you niggas is my sons shit I should claim you on my taxes
It's more than rapping
But we ain't on the same thing, no we ain't on the same thing

I love ya'll bitches twerk videos though
Just ya'll ego I hate sometimes
And you niggas really gotta stop doing these gay ass poses
All over the social tryna be models
I don't know if niggas is models, rappers, or what
The fuck is going on breh?

Somebody help me
I hate when niggas roll up weed blunts just so they can take a selfie
Got me hot though
I hate when niggas pop a pill and start to thinking that they macho
Like he a savage
I hate when niggas get to flexing just to show off for some ratchets
Or should I said that? I guess I'm on the same thing
I'm prolly on the same thing, go 'head and try me
I hate how every LA rapper try to make a song like YG
Like be creative
I hate when bitches call me bro when I've already seen them naked
It ain't related, damn man I hate it
My most honest opinion, I feel like all you niggas wack
Take this weed and roll it up, up in these bitter raps
I'm killing ya'll

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