April 14, 2016


Miss American angel, you put your faith in me.
Miss American beauty, I'd wait my life to see.
When you come back, will you remember me?
Miss American angel, I miss the way you stare
A motion picture in your eyes, your stories still to share
I'd give it all; to prove to you I care
Would you believe me if I called
Would you know it's me at all?
Miss American beauty, you need an honest guy
Maybe I'm not an angel, but I sure as hell will try
To give you everything, and so much more than me
I've been planning my New York touch down
Then drive 650 miles till I reach her town
Find a place for us just to be alone
She'll believe me if I can make it on my own
Fly away with me, run away with our emotions
Sitting miles above the ocean, on a plane that takes us home

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