- Another World

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November 12, 2015


I get a sinking feeling inside I might not make it out alive
Been lookin at life like a circle, like I'm stuck on a carnival ride
One minute at the top lookin' down, next you know you're spinnin round
Stuck at the bottom, never know whether I should
Climb to the top or put my feet on the ground

I'm not an actor, memorizing lines
Tired of learning this script, when I'm runnin' out of time

I don't wanna live in a world where yes means no
Where red means go, and everyone lets me down
Hey (hey!) what do you say?
Why don't the rest of us get lost in another world?

Where I come from we don't talk to strangers
We say good fences make good neighbors
We throw filth on the living, flowers on the dead
We're asleep at the wheel for the road ahead

Don't wake me now I'm dreaming
When I open my eyes, I can finally see
That another world lives inside of me

Why don't you come with me baby?
We can get lost in another world
We can get lost together
We can get lost in another...
Lost in another world

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