- Dolce & Gabbana

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November 12, 2015


Iceberg Simpson!

Seven butt-nakeds sippin' drank in my sauna
Only fuck with hoes who rock Dolce & Gabbana

I'mma stay with shades
Fendi on my braids
Gotta stay paid
Stay on the front page
Stayin' in the press
Teeth on my chest
Iceberg Caeser with some slugs cross my vest
I got these bitches actin' hard
Swang the boulevard
Riff Raff pullin' up with five ace cards
Maybe five jokers
Your bitch playing strip poker
I'm outside eatin fried okra
(With who?) With Oprah!
Diamonds cross my leaner
Diamonds cross my two-seater
Bitches act like Aquafina
I'mma be a steamer
I'mma steam clean 'em
Diamonds on my bimmer
Diamonds on my BMdub, never been a scrub
Iced out my shoulder shrugs
Suit made by koala
Diamonds on my piece and chain looking like Mufasa
Look like Lion King
Drive a Sebring
Fifty thousand dollars, bought myself a wedding ring

I'mma rock shades
Stunts like Super Dave
On the front page
Ballin' on these waves
I'm a silverback
Drunk and still leanin'
Aquafina jets with the papaya steamer
I'mma steam clean 'em, got the jets sittin' low
The slab outside still sittin' on fo'
I swang on elbow
I'm sittin' in Tahoe
You already know, rap (rap) game Bo (Bo)
Rap game Bo Jackson
My trunk still relaxin'
I'm cool with the mathematics
Motherfuck subtraction
I keep my paper stackin'
I keep that shit movin'
Rap game Action Jackson and my life is like a movie
It's a scary movie
Diamonds on my jacuzzi
I pull up at Ruby Tuesday's
Rap game Oklahoma Sooners
You know how I get down
You know how I'm known clown
Pop trunk, show surround
Leave the whole block drowned (Wet!)

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