- Flamingo

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November 12, 2015


Flamingo, standing under the fountain
Flamingo, different from your surroundings
Flamingo, aint no doubt about it
Beautiful with a balance
How many wake up up thinking, 'todays gonna be beautiful'?
How many wake up feeling, you've gotta do it all again?
How many woke up set to go (woke up set to go)
But somehow you hit slow motion?
Next thing you know you're broken
Well here's what I set before you
Choices are death and life
Please choose the second option
His name is Jesus Christ
He came to give you life and it more abundantly
If you would just believe it
It wouldn't cost you nothin'
You can be made brand new
Cause right now you're so unstable
In everything you do
Just like a fallen angel
Your soul has been decived
He can restore your wings
Standing under the fountain
Different from your surroundings
Ain't no doubt about it
beautiful with a balance
Hey there weary Christian, you were stronger the day before
This song I wrote to ask you, "What are you waiting for?"
Lift up the head that's hanging low, strengthen the feeble knees
You've got a world to conquer
Conquer with love and kindness - Show it to every man
Are you ready for persecution? You're gonna have to stand
Learn how to run away from evil, then you will understand
Take up your cross and follow
Don't worry about tomorrow, it may not ever come
Stand up and stop complaining, there's work that must be done
You are the called and chosen
Stand on the word of God and you shall not be moved!

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