- Tundra/Desert

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November 12, 2015


Every sick fickle fucker
Childhood's what makes you
'Till they treat ya like tundra
Weigh those opinions more like air than lead

Every planned occupation
Surefire disappointment up ahead
Till they treat ya like desert
See mirages of friendship, face turns red

Here's the soon-to-be anchor
Build bridges to nothing, you'll get nowhere
Every governor's mother knows
That their bread is buttered by Sam

And what about science?
They find proof and let you make your own decisions

Every child star wonders
If they have a future up ahead
Every kind-hearted banker
I don't think there is one

Every winning opinion
I wish I had one
Every winning opinion
I wish I had one

Stand on platforms in water
Filling jars full of silence, you'll get nowhere

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