November 12, 2015


At kundalini rising
They'll teach you how to breathe
It's less about religion
than flexibility
There's a lot to learn and to discern
Ever minding the golden rule
I'm hoping to get more limber
And the teacher is beautiful

Everybody's got a guru
Everybody's got a guru
Everybody's got a guru
Everybody, everybody
Everybody's got a guru
We all want to know what's true
Everybody's got a guru

Living in the heartland
or in Islamabad
The voice of fear and hatred
It is not the voice of God
You can grease the hand
Of the preacher man
Who sees it like you do
I'm taking a big step backward
To expand my point of view

The truest heart is a broken heart
Love will break your heart
The bravest mind is an open mind
Open wide your mind
The brightest eyes are merciful eyes
Mercy on me, mercy on you

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