- Endgame

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November 12, 2015


1866--Wilhelm Steinitz.
1894--Emmanuel Lasker.
Molokov: How straightforward the game, when one has trust in one's player!
1921--Jose Capablanca.
Molokov: And how great the relief, working for one who believes in-- Loyalty, heritage, true to his kind, come what may.
1927--Alex Alekhine.
Frederick: How straightforward the game, when one is free from distraction!
1935--Euwe. 1948--Mikhail Botvinnik.
Frederick: When your only concern, is laid out so clearly before you. 64 squares--They are the reason you know you exist.
1957--Vasily Smylov. 1960--Tal.
It's the weak, who accept tawdry untruths about freedom.
1963--Tigran Petrosian.
Molokov: Prostituting themselves, chasing a spurious starlight. Trinkets in airports, sufficient to lead them astray.
1969--Boris Spassky.
Florence: Does the player exist in any human endeavor?
1972--Bobby Fischer. 1975--Anatoly Karpov.
Florence: Who's been known to resist, sirens of fame and possessions? They will destroy you--not rivals, not age, not success.
1956--Budapest is rising. 1956--Budapest is fighting! 1956--Budapest is falling. 1956--Budapest is dying!

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