- You Never Asked Me

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November 12, 2015


I don't believe in love like that anyway
I would have told you that it you'd have asked me
The kind the comes along once and saves everything
Between a woman and a man
But I'd have died trying anyway
I might have told you that if you'd have asked me
I'd have died trying - tried everything
Until the day refused to return
I should have seen it from one hundred miles away
I should have beaten the odds of it any day
But I never could keep all the wolves at bay
Howling and growling
It was an exercise in catastrophe
It was a dance of destruction
It was the daze of futility
It was the flight of fragile wings
Ambulance drivers and gravediggers
Mislaid fortunes grown bigger and bigger
Polar ice caps below and above
Conquered and claimed and ruined for love
As we glide along all the bends of time
Falling for little tricks of the mind
With memories of Eden now so far behind
And the taste of melting snow
I don't believe in love like that anyway
The kind that comes along once and just saves the day
I think of it more like the rocks the waves chip away
As they become the sand
And I'd have told you that if you'd asked me
We might have saved ourselves the disappointment
I might have told you that if you'd ever asked me
And the day did not return

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