November 12, 2015


I'll tell you a secret that nobody knows
Something that happened a long time ago
A tale that could give all I could stand
It's left me a tired and a broken old man

Way back in my youth there was a young girl
I loved more than anything else in this world
I swore that one day she'd be my wife
and we'd live a happy and wonderful life

Each night I would take her and where we'd be alone
and we'd make love in Blackadders Cove

Waited for months to ask her to wed
I worked and I worked and I worked til I bled
I built her a cabin with my own two hands
To give as a gift when we made our plans

I picked her some flowers and and took her to go
I gave her a ring and she took my soul
She told me she loved my brother instead
I lost all control and ended her dead

And the rain it did pour and the wind it blew cold
as I dug her a grave in Blackadders Cove
Way back in the hills where nobody goes
I left her to rot in Blackadders Cove

I tell you a secret that nobody knows
Her body's still layin in Blackadders Cove

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