- Bear Cave

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December 14, 2015


When the night grows long
And the autumn is nearer
We'll gather leaves
That will lie in our cave
To keep us warm

Till we can sleep
Unawake till spring
When the sun
Will melt the snow
And the red woods shine

So fall in a dream
Of a mountain rain
When the sun don't play
And the dragonfly

Hover on air

"They believe… nothing.
Want… nothing.
Hope… nothing.
Expect… nothing.
Dream… nothing.
Desire… nothing
They hope nothing.
Expect... Dream nothing.
Desire nothing" (*)

So leave us here
Where we can stay

Two bears in a cave

(*) = Self Under Siege (1993) Lecture 4: Marcuse and One-Dimensional Man
Thats a Cover of the band Red Temple Spirits.

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