January 25, 2016


You're probably sitting there on a mint,
I'm sitting here with the ball of lint,
sent out the street cuz I can't make rent,
kicked out by two face Harvey Dent,
whachu know about a massive bag of puffs?
Shit be stale before you open em up,
growing up had it rough never got to taste no Capt. crunch,
what you know about "I dream of Geannie"
when Donnie's on the back holding a fork in the TV,
trying to watch some monster trucks,
but the by's came by and got the cable cut,
digging in the couches for some change,
while you're down at Sears people look at you strange,
it's all about leftovers when you're poor,
when you find them in the food court and they're not even yours...
Ain't got no job,
ain't got no money.
if you know what I'm saying and you're tired of scraping by
then just sing along with Dumphy

Whatchu know about being broke
Butt end of a joke, end of my rope
Regular folk just tryna cope
Tryn not to choke
Cuz I still got hope man
Whatchu know about dole checks
Gettin wrecked, always in debt
Bonne fête, here's a punch in the head
Hardest you've met, wouldn't change In a sec
I wear the same boxers for like a month,
inside out backwards and front,
everybody wants to come have a gawk,
when your big fucking toe's was sticking out of your sock,
had to pickpocket like Oliver twist,
cuz the landlord throughout all of our shit,
recession oh shit!
never had a session to begin with,
whatchu know about a dine and dash?
for three meals a day plus a midnight snack,
when I was in school shit was just not right,
kids had a hot lunch I had a hot bike,
know what it's like to get an icy shower and a candlelit beer cause you got no power?
it's not great just drinking a 40,
I'm not complaining just telling my story
I used to be getting those natural Hattrick's,
thought I'd be a number one draft pick,
know my stick is a branch pads are the mattress,
puck is a rock and my goalies a racket,
still going to play to my knees give,
Easton aluminum geewhiz,
buddies over there with three kids,
at the bottom of the jar of cheese whiz,
who saves the day?
guess who,
Donnie Dumphy to the rescue,
half a loaf of bread and a block of butter,
just don't tell him it was from a dumpster?
all I wanted was a decent pair of Ray-Ban's,
kicking it back on the beach out at northern bay sands,
But it's all you can do,
I'm still having a time,
cause I got the bys and that's the bottom-line!
Bridge .

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