- Ghostly

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October 15, 2016


And I wake up, wake up feeling dizzy still.
Too much medicine for me. My head's in a dry spell.
And I heard it, heard it from a friend of mine.
Well, bad news could never come at such, such an awful time.

My mother, she told me deaths they come in threes.
A grandmother, former lover. Now so it seems,
if history's to repeat, destiny spells out defeat.
Feeling ghostly.

Who authorized this screenplay?
Who's got me up all night to rewrite and revise a climactic scene to end lives?
And my pen goes off the page, and in turn you do the same.

It feels like a movie I'm watching on an old TV.
It's cutting out! It leaves me speechless at the end of a horrendous scene!

Plot twist for the times, when the hero dies.
And where he lies, will find my pen by surprise.
And I don't know why. I didn't call cut.

There's one for the academy.
An award nominee.

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