- Little Mouth

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November 12, 2015


Please open my mind and take what is left /
Please fill this cup with senseless bliss / Let me sup oh let me suck upon that which does not exist / Teach the weak oh teach me please to cease to resist Through halls of galls through tunnels of chrome / Through corridors of burnished ston Through fields of crystal and the shards of my bones - May i open my eyes, but not see what i am shown. May i carry your burden may i follow you blind May i burn your picture onto the face of my mind Through endless pleasures, beyond all measure, shared by creatures most unkind / Hrough the hating and through the raging, through the years now left behind. May i find my way to the reason to come home / May i find my way to the foot of your throne / MAy i find my arms yaround your neck / And may i find your little mouth inside of this bed.


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