November 12, 2015


Every year, I am brought back to the same places.
It's like my mind begs me to catch up to the thoughts I've had a billion times already.
So-long. So-long to better days.
So afraid, too afraid to face the road of failure I've paved to find my way back home.
I'll leave a trail of stones to prove I've had my prouder moments.
Suddenly, my time alone means so much more.
I know this heart is well known for falling apart,
But I'll learn to rely on the sunshine and the weather
To forget all our time together.
I've got that itch again.
To make things worse in steady increments.
When the walls caved in, I was left to my own devices.
And I learned
that day that I'm more real than concrete.
And now I know...
I'm not afraid.

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