November 12, 2015


That time has come.
I'll let you peek into a place you wish to sneak.
You won't remember where you've been until you leave.
Standing in line, she looked at me & said, "Can we go?"
"We're bound to end up dead."
She wasn't ready, she still had to find herself.

I will love again (love again)
this heavy heart can't sink forever.
I will love again (love again)
Just chose a night to remember.

You seek the truth although it's clear as day.
So you can wipe your tears away.
If life is about giving,
Take my life 'cause I'm not living.
As much as I'm going to hate to confess
It seems we've ended in a mess.
I took this ride without you
And the train was an express, it was one way.

Save me.
I find it hard to explain, I've died a thousand times & I still see the new day.
Save me.
From waht's about to begin.
If there's no easy way out, then there is nothing within.

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