- Jean

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November 12, 2015


Ehhhh, zhe, zhe, zhe

I was four, four years old
When the Marine left Haiti, the U.S. Marine left Haiti
I was a kid and every time a Marine battalion
Passed in front of the house my father took my hand and said,
"Don't look at that, don't look at that."
And every May 18, which is the flag day, the fire cade?
Put the Haitian flag in front of the house,
And I said, "Father, what is that, what does that mean for you?"
And he said,"It means that you are Haitian.
That mean that my great grand-father fought at Belletiere?
Never forget that. You are Haitian. You are from this land.
You are not French, you are not British, you are not American
You are Haitian."

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