- Faust

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November 12, 2015


Get me off whatever you're on
I'm just trying to be yourself
self's aware but barely
fight for my two cents
and commit to my dreams existence
I'll only ever know myself

Carry this on to the ones that lost their way
I'm right beside you
every time you need a hand there I'll be
I'm right beside you now

Un-notice me
you're observation is deadly
defiling all that is in me
You tried to choke out my process
but ended up taking damage

The cycle never ends
you're kicking and screaming my name
spinning into oblivion
breathe in your hot air
for some reason its not uplifting
its dense just like your point of view

You gotta get me off whatever you're on

Let me go, away
I know that you won't stay

Please forgive me
I didn't know
I've got my finger on the pulse
You said goodbye, so-long
I'll see you when it's over

I know what you are thinking
how could he take apart my safety

We're not the ones keeping you down

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