- Sub Crazy

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November 12, 2015



We can all get by if we want now
Get a phat piece of the pie if we want
Motherfuckers getting mad high when they want now
I will survive, recognize it be Tical

Verse One:

Word up, our niggas is strapped, ready for war on the ill block
Things just ain't peace no more, fuck it
If you ain't with me then forget me
Niggas try to stick me, retaliation, no hesitation, shifty
Creeping niggas in the dark, triggers with no heart
Ripping ass apart, I'll be swimming with the sharks now
Stay out my water or it's manslaughter
Kid, you oughta start reaching for that nickel-plated auto-
Matic, my thoughts get sporadic, loaded raps
busting mad shots to ya attic
They say this hazard, this flows a hazard
Straight from Hazard County with a bounty on his head, and it said
"Wanted Dead or Alive," I swear by the whites of they eyes
To never take a dive I will survive


Verse Two:

Shit's gonna happen if niggas start acting
Like they want problems, you want em, you got em
Rap contact, is writing this exactly,
The way it should be, attacked
Killer Beeeees on a swarm
Shit like Martial Law drops bombs like Qur'an
The ism helps to stimulate my pugilism
I bust rhymes like jizm, impregnate the rhythm with the wisdom
Decipher the stee, I be hyper, I bring all the styles
That rekindle like old flames
Saliva, check the wicked flows I deliver
Oops, I mean deliver like the Hudson River
Styles be tight, trite like a thief in the night
I be the sneaky-ass nigga busting nuts in yo wife
Blasted, bugging off Bacardi and acid
Flipping on the mic, it's a classic

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