- Tennyson

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May 31, 2016


There must be something wrong with me
A certain flaw I cannot face
'Cause I've been saving up for years
Trying to move out of this place
But all my money keeps on moving
... things I cannot see
To find a life within my music
keep writing songs of you and me
and she is the cause of my distractions
I'm so please to call her mine
But I'm fed up of waking on my own
Fed up of eating here alone
Fed up of wasting precious time
but I know that we have more to see
more stress we have to fight
I know the morning always comes
with the evening close behind
yet through every single day
I get to hold you tight
I'm scared we'll miss the chance to live
Yeah I'm worried that we might
and it's eating me inside
it's eating me inside
maybe one day we'll be fine.
maybe one day we'll be
all on our own
left here alone with whats left of the best of the money held back
money won't save from the toil and the testle
the barging fear we won't have enough to last us forever
but maybe a year
and that's long enough cause we'll both be together

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