- Speak

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February 8, 2016


I didn't hear you enter
But I know you have been circling my room
I listen for your footsteps
Close my eyes and wait for you to move

You're hiding like a memory
Teasing like a girl I used to know
Tumbling and gamboling
Calling to the weakness in my soul

Telling me to speak

In one reckless moment
You move a little too close to my ears
I grab a hold with both hands
And scramble to make sense of what I hear

I try to tie you down
With synonyms and sad piano sounds
For a moment you surrender
One moment we both stand on the same ground

And I begin to speak
I begin to say something

And all at once you pull away
I'm lost within your atmosphere
As quickly as you found me
I panic as you try to disappear

I reach out with my fingers
And try to pull the letters back in line
But your words spin out of order
And the pounding in my chest is out of time

But I just want to speak
I just want to say something
I just want to speak
I just want to say something
Can anybody hear me?

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