- Heart of the Continent

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November 12, 2015


Heart of The Continent -John K Samson Capo 4th Fret

The north wind sinks the fence around a lot full of debris G C
near the corner of memorial and me G C

were resurected brick and drywall lead back into place G C
theres a terrified reflection on my face G C

all alone at the gleaming knife display at the army surplus sales E B C

as the dusk descends and my insipiration fails C B A
ghost filled discount parkas, sleeping bags G A B D C B A C B A G E
peer at me from the crumpled dark F# G

inky bruises punched into the sky by bolts of light G C
and then leak across the body of tonight G C
while rain and thunder drop and roll then stop short of a storm G C
leave the air stuck with this waiting to be born G C

as I stand before an unresponsicve automatic door E D B C
just another door that wont open for me anymore C B A
the exit red gets brighter then blinks off G A B D C B A C B A G E
presses me into the crumpled dark F# G

theres a billoard by the highway that says welcome to bievennue E A C
but no sign to show you when you go away B C B A

and our demolitions punctuate G A B D C B A C B
all we mean to seave them leave to late G A B D C B A G E
so I make my shaky exclamation mark G A B D C B A C B A G E
with a hand full of F#
the crumpled dark G

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