- Anomaly

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November 12, 2015


Hey you
what's with those eyes-
What ya been thinkin'

Hey girl
Spreadin' your wings
The world's awaitin' to let you in

That smile
A mile away
The colors collide

Hey you
Pick up the reigns
And come through my window and don't be shy

I never wanted to say
How much I liked you
I never wanted to be
One of your sad discoveries
We'll see

Hey there
Since you been gone
I've written about you

These words
They're no Hemingway
They don't have any value to any line

My girl
You scared to go home
A beautiful of the city

Hey you
I can never relax
And Its never an option if you're not mine

I never wanted to live
My life without you
I never wanted to coast
Always wanted to be an anomaly

I never wanted to say
How much I loved you
I never wanted to be
One of your, sad discoveries

Tell me
Don't let me down
I sense this is my end
I wont let you leave here
Without these violins
One day
I follow your eyes
To the top of a mountain
My girl
I think I'm in love
It's the scariest place to be alive
i never wanted to live my life without you
i never wanted to coast
always wanted to be anomaly
i never wanted to say how much i loved you
i never wanted to be one of your, sad discoveries

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