- Watchin' the World

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November 12, 2015


You got me watching you lately
I'd like to know what's up with you
And it's driving me crazy
Tell me what am I supposed to do

As a youngin' I came up in the times of when rap was adolescent
People rather punched than gun clapped
When parents were stricter and kids don't talk back
And days were the bomb man
I wish I could walk back
Cause times done changed, but it ain't for the better
I fear for these young souls who ain't go getters
The time of the email
They can't write letters
World of followers and not trendsetters
Where MTV is as much aspiration
For kids who don't really have any vocation
And rather be hard than to be too smart
And use they hate over using they heart
I asked a young blood what he wants when he grows
He still don't know and he's now twenty four
Walking on the road in the sleet, in the snow
Up to no damn good, gets chased by po-po
Looking for a sneak move to make some cash
Pretends that he's flossing when it's more than he has
Don't he understand that this life can't last
Should've paid attention when sitting in class
You think that he cares, no he wanna live fast
And throw mad stones though his home's made of glass
His value for life's at an all time low
But can he turn it around, I just don't know

I'm watching the world

Yo I'm watching the ways of these moms and these dads
And fear for the lives of the kids I don't have
What am I supposed to tell em', that the world went mad?
That parent's got lazy, so kids turned bad?
Parent's had no clue so kids done crashed
Society, influences too much, man
It ain't just that, it's environments too
The kind of experiences they go through
And all kinds of things that we exposed to
It's there for you to see it when you turn on the news
It ain't about a team, it's just about a crew
So me, me, me
And nothing 'bout you
So gimme, gimme, gimme
And give back to who?
Them youth g'wan do what them youth g'wan do
Enough is enough, say the law and it's true
But this problem is old and this problem ain't new
And is there anything I can do to give back?
Beside pen lyrics and rhyme on the track
And can one man make a great big change
Without his effort going down in vain
And causing him strain, making him feel pain
And saying to himself, never do that again
I just don't know and it just don't stop
So each and every day is the world I'll watch

Yo, I'm watching the world


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