- A Light In the Dark

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July 3, 2016


One light shines in the drive
One single sign that our house is alive
Our house, our own
So why do I live there alone?

Tell me why I wait through the night?
Why do I leave on the light?
You know, I know
Our house was a home long ago

Take this chance 'cause it may be our last
To be free, to let go of the past
And to try to be husband and wife
To let love never die or to just live our life

Take my hand and let me take your heart
Keep you far from what keeps us apart
Let us start with a light in the dark

Night falls, I stare at the walls
(I stare at these walls)
I wake and wander the halls
(I get lost in these halls)
And I ache to the bone
(It's like nothing I've known)
I can't get through this alone

Take this chance and we'll make a new start
Somewhere far from what keeps us apart
And I swear that somewhere in the night there's a light
A light in the dark

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