- Darkness Falls

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November 12, 2015


The battle rages on deep down within me
My flesh pulls one way
Your will pulls the other
This battle must be won
And it's mine to fight
You know I long to be victorious

When the darkness falls
And I am at my weakest point
Let me be found faithful

As the years go by
And You look back on all I've done
Let me be found faithful

What good are my intentions without convictions
Come stir my inner being
Beyond all emotion
What good are my successes without holiness
I could gain the world and still be without You

You are brilliant
Shining like the stars
When You look down on me
I hope You're pleased with me

You are brilliant shining like the stars
When I see Your face
I long to hear You say
Well done child, well done child
Well done child
You've been faithful

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