- Lock Arff

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January 4, 2016


Yo, what them know about lock arff?
Wah? Road get lock arff
Face get chop arff
Wah? Steel and copper
Wah? Everyting lock arff
What them know about lock arff?
Ayo likkle man
What you know about lock arff?

Wah? Everyting lock arff
Wah? Road get lock arff
Wah? Steel and copper
Wah? Road get lock arff
Wah? Shutdown lock arff
Wah? Everyting lock arff
Nah big man ting
What you know about lock arff?
Wah? Everyting lock arff
Huh? Steel and copper
When we do road akh, man
Everyting lock arff
Huh? Everyting lock arff
What? Everyting lock arff
Whoa, steel and copper
Wah? Road get lock arff

Rifle a pop arff
Nuff gyal get wuk arff
Unnu take unnu top arff
This about fi get lock arff
Man, war is war
Bro got the keys for the cyar
Bro got the sweets for the star
Man a rise and pop arff
Man's champy get buss arff
That's a shutdown lock arff
Man's side road block arff
Man'll knock your block arff
Bro took that top arff
There ain't no time for no stop arffs
Mad brassiere get pop arff
Man a rise and pop arff

Fuck what you heard
Bro, man are real life shotta
Call up for a burn
Amni's coming in proper
Four door swerve, skrrr skrrr, skrrr
Bang, road lock lock arff
Long nose ting with the two shells
You can see the front bit bruck arff
Still up in the streets, still up in the pave
No rave tryna make papers
Still up on my knees before I do street
And pray God make some changes
But I see them haters hating
And tell a man fuck arff
And I ring trap when I do road
I don't need top up

Everyting lock arff
Trap line pop arff
Funny boy, haha
She give me hmm now, uh uh
Gyal's always tun so tun it
Before the man run arff
Phone ish matic for the matic
Everything lock arff
120 on the modes
In the German, better hashtag #Russian
Do it for my brudda or mama
My white friend said that it's pucker
Bro in the kitchen whipping Chris Tucker
I ain't into kissing, she could be a yucker
Talking to me? Better talk to me proper
Walk with the Zs and I drop it on a runner

In the trap with some young guns
Since young, been a wild bunch
Dum dums and shotgun
Big rack, she a hot one
Feds at the door, I'm on the third floor
Balcony, had to hop arff
Smoke nuff ganja like a Rasta
Phone kill like E. Honda
Bread more tryna make that butter
M10, no squeeze, make it stutter
Two shots from the dots, that's dumb and dumber
High road get lock arff
Do it, then run off
Hit it from the back, then I run off
Back to them Zs getting chopped up, Mad Max
You already know I'm a shotta

Man'll get everyting locked, shots
Everyting pop, brick
Block down blocks
Gyal with the belly ring top
She like Semis and Glocks
Stepped in there, any man watch
Section plus twenty man, what?
Take a man's tings, my man tell a man what
Man'll get everyting locked
Everyting locked, locked off
Movies, send a man in
T-house, send a man shop
Groupies send a man tings
Big akhs send a man blocks
Two keys get a man robbed
Two keys get a man singed
2pcs, chips in a box
Movies, clips, man watch
Doobies lit
Do by spit getting rocked

Man are real Don Dada
Old school like ragga
Man, I need them pounds and dollar
Run through green light, grasshopper
Gyal with the big breasts and the backa
Wan' come get the room-ram or the dagger
Tun ting dem guy gyal road blocka
When we do road, man haffi move proper
Everyting lit, everyting lock arff
Weed getting lit, champagne pop arff
Still up in the bits, tryna get guala
Skeng ting pop and them man runner
Roll with the brucky, all chock-a-blocka
Plastic yout, them are fake like tupper
Talk to the feds, got 'nough man lock arff
Free TK, TY and Rucka

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