- @Chl03k

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November 12, 2015


I'd rather spend my evenings
Than having you come over
So it'll be like old times
But I know that you don't give a fuck
Cause you're knee deep in your iPhone

But Now that you saw my tweets
You know that I'm home
Buried in my cell phone
Tryna' get a hold of someone new
Instead of hanging out with you
And your high school stories

But you sure know how to get right to me
About relationships and such
Poor grammar is a must

But I trust that you can do it
But I couldn't give a fuck
Whether you give a fuck or not
Rip my eye sockets out
Make me regret ever going out
But I know I'll make it out of here alive
As long as I don't watch your life
Unfold before my very eyes
You told this high school story
One too many times for me
You know I'd rather
I'd rather spend my evenings
Than having to look you right in your eye

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