- Trees for Skies

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June 8, 2016


I've got a big, big love for you...
More than I, ever thought I could do...
Feels like this a wandering heart has found a home.
Wish I, could stick to tell you so oh oh oh...
Maybe someday we could go somewhere
A different kind of leaving, to take us there
Miles for eyes, trees for ski es
Just you and me babe, birds and the be es
How many times will you and I
Spend the whole day running around
So we could say good bye.
I promise you for every time I go.
There will be another where I come on home.
Somewhere high above the mid atlantic tonight
You said time will fly
And your probably right
But missing you, it's a lonely place
Feels like forever since I seen your face
How many times, will you and I
spend the whole week running around
So we can say goodbye.
Well I promise you for everytime I go
There will be another where, I come on home...

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